April 28th

Supanova: Part Four

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If you’ve been following this lil’ series of blog posts about my adventures on the Supanova trail, you’ll know I’m sliding into home base now with Gold Nova. Thankfully, the dreaded lurgy I caught on the plane to Melbourne, had eased off. I was definitely on the upward swing with much more energy, instead of functioning on Dimetape and Nurofen. First up I was excited to see all my book babies lined up twinkling and gorgeous and ready to go. No distribution dramas. HOORAH!

QBD store at Gold Nova

The foot traffic was busy at Gold Nova and we were signing books and meeting readers right from the get go. Saturday morning went quickly and we were soon into our panel session. I was particularly excited to share a panel with Victoria Schwab, just to hear her speak! It was so fascinating to hear about her approach to writing. I discovered that while I am the slave of my story, VE Schwab is the god of hers. Basically, this means she is the boss of her characters and makes them do what she wants, while I get pushed around by my characters and have to do what they tell me. I begged her to teach me how to take charge! Ha!

Jodi McCalister and VE Schwab being geniuses.

We had a lot of fun all weekend.

Queen Schwab: cheekbones and glasses set to 100%
The best Supanova Author Wrangler: Page Belfeld
Supanova Supastars
Home again with merch!

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