July 31st

Black Room Free e-short available now!

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Here it is, guys. ‘Black Room’ a prequel to the #SPARK trilogy set 20 years before Evie’s story begins.  “Ethan Tesla is afraid. The sinister Affinity Project has him bound, drugged. Untethered and separated from his Spark. Affinity wants something from Ethan. And it’s only a matter of time before he gives it to them.”

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You can also get Kill Switch which retells a scene from #SPARK from the perspective of a predatory Stray, the genetically engineered psychopaths driven to kill under the compulsion of the Fixation Effect. If iTunes isn’t your scene you can also get these short stories on Kindle


If you’re impatient for the release of #STRAY you might enjoy distracting yourself with these digital short-stories.   I hope you find them insightful and enjoyable.

2 Responses to “Black Room Free e-short available now!”

  1. Sophia says:

    So how can I actually read Black Room?
    I really want to read it but I have looked around on this page and others and I can not actually read it.

    • Rachael Craw says:

      Hi Sophia, if you click the tab on my Books page by Black Room it will take you to either kindle or kobo or iTunes where you can download it for free. If you have a smart phone you can download a free kindle app.

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